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Fig Trees

Moda SOMERSET 40 Fat Quarter Bundle by Fig Tree- Stunning Florals!Black Madeira Fig Tree Cuttings- Rare Portuguese Variety!Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley Fig Tree Cuttings- Beautiful and Delicious!3 Alma Fig Tree Cuttings- Dependable Variety for the South.3 Ronde de Bordeaux Fig Tree Cuttings- Fine French Cultivar A Must Have!True LSU O'Rourke Fig Tree Cuttings - Prolific and Reliable Producer.3 LSU Champagne Fig Cuttings - A Top Yellow Fig - A Must Have! - Free Shipping!3 Dr. Gowaty Fig Tree Cuttings - Rare from Israel - My Most Productive Cultivar3 White Marseille Fig Tree Cuttings - A Top Honey Fig - A Must Have!3 Southern Brown Turkey Fig Tree Cuttings - 2 Main CropsSomerset by Moda 42 5" Charm Pack Squares 100% Cotton by Fig Tree & CoNIB PEANUTS Charlie Brown CHRISTMAS 2010 Lg. Posable Fig PATHETIC TREE 60 Yrs Atreano fig cuttingsLSU Black St.Gabriel fig tree cuttings *4* FRESH CUTTINGS CUT FRESH ORDERED! 10 Cold Hardy Sampo Elderberry Cuttings Healthy Fruits Easier To Root Than Figs Hand-Signed "Michael Arth" "Tropical Fig Tree" Etching Print c1975-in orig frameVista - Fig Tree CuttingsLarge Negronne - Fig Tree Cuttings20 fresh Hardy Chicago fig tree cuttings sweet productive & cold hardy lot#9Smith - Fig Tree CuttingsPanache tiger fig tree- rare - 2 cuttings Col de Dame Noir - Fig Tree CuttingsBinello fig tree cuttingsTwirl by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co